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Grandma looked at me and smiled, "because it is the grandmother who Xianer talking, not talking grandmother ah." A grandmother to anger, along with the baby's crying, "Why the hell out of me, ah, this is my grandson!" Carter, the child cried louder, and kept scratching hand clutching what seemed to not like her mother to hold him." Soul sister nodded his head, followed me into the elevator together and grandmother, "that while I direct you to a meal in the hotel, on the other downstairs, a good rest tonight." "No! I do not finish the meal to which she could not go !!" Xu Gang screaming in the house just growled. " Mind aunt nodded, looked at me, "Jojo, sister to check you all right, we come to the hospital to see the doctor is, you have to check the body, you do not want Zhuoshu Shu to you, then give you a sister optimistic about it." "How can you be so rescue! Her legs have been broken into this, and I suspect that the infection caused by an allergy, you have what is the use spray liquor, feudal superstition kill people, ah! If there is anything this aunt, that you killed you know! I let the police catch you! you do not know how many people will be killed !! " Young doctor became very excited, as if he were in the face of a group of ignorant people. panthers jerseys sale " Wow! ! ! Wow! ! ! Grandma words have not finished yet and so, the children cry on." I looked at her.

I shook my head, "No, I do see the head incense, fragrant flames head is very busy, still ringing it. Xu dollars, said she went to the evening was afraid, she was afraid Fengxia back to scare her, then my grandma told her do not be afraid, because the violent death of the people belong to an outsider, the door keeper could not come, so she was in the evening to the door plugged on What things have gone. I can not go home, but they will not let me in the hospital, for a time became a place for my trouble. "I know, you be careful ah, or else the first county to Huijuan sent eggs, and then to the provincial capital of it. Panthers jerseys path Because I'm going to the big city, Xu dollars meal came to me, looking very depressed look, his mouth has been talking about, "Johnson dragon ah, when you can come back." "I repent of your mother, old fool, do not fight you're not honest, give me the whole thing. "Household Jiao Long courageous, she's all right. panthers jerseys on sale

" I Enliaoyisheng, go directly to the grandmother dedicated to protect the family cents that house, Shumenshulu on incense, and kowtow. Soul sister waved again and again, "No, aunt, I did not mean it is time to get married sister in law school, I did not come back to live on campus, all these years you have not seen, afraid wrong, just look at this, my heart there the bottom. When I went to school get the results back, grandmother just put down the phone, looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, grandmother to take you to the provincial capital, and the day after tomorrow we go ah. "OMG, do not cry. Panthers jerseys rose bowl Jiao Long My dad said if I did not you . By the light, I saw her hands dripping water, and finally could not resist, "ah !! grandma !!!" Want to move the foot, but it seems to be born with nails in general, did not move, except to shout desperately, that moment I really do not know what to do.

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