2 CSA Share Sizes: Larger and Smaller. Read on!!! Please!!!

You have spoken; we have listened.

We are now offering two share sizes: Larger and Smaller

The cost of a Larger Share is $600.00, ($27.00 of produce a week), which includes 8-10 items.  A Smaller Share costs $375.00 ($17.00 of produce a week) including 4-6 items a week.  You can come right to the farm, visit with us or the animals and pick up you share. For those of you closer to Cockeysville and Baltimore we deliver to two convenient locations, Hereford, and Mt. Washington. There is a weekly delivery fee of $4.00 for off-farm pickups. The new Hereford pickup site is just off of I83 on Mt. Carmel Rd at the Natural Vibrant Health Wellness Center.  Our second pickup site is in Mt. Washington, which is located at Baltimore Yoga Village’s studio. We really want everyone to be able to grab a bag of fresh food and eat with smiles… From us to you… Deb and Jean


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2014 CSA is open

Yet more snow! Yikes! We have had only one brief window without snow cover in the past two months, a single afternoon. During that brief sighting I could see our fall cover crops showing a vibrant green. We just have to trust that under all this snow the crops are growing. The garlic should be rooting out to explode with top growth when the snow allows some sunshine in. Till then, it’s a mystery what’s happening under the snow. Is the soil microbial life able to expand its volume? Is the snow providing some insulation for that to occur? Are the field rodents having their way with crop roots while they can run freely without being seen by hawks, owls or foxes? When will we be able to get our hands and tools into the soil? When will the soil be exposed AND dry enough to work?

Come on spring, enough winter already !

With all of these challenges we are still growing and getting ready for spring. We have many trays of small plants are growing  awaiting the days when they can be planted either in a hoop house or in the field for our 2014 summer season.



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2013 CSA is Sold Out!

Both CSA pickup locations are sold out for the 2013 season.  Thank you to everyone who signed up!  If you missed out on joining this year, you can still find our veggies at our on-farm stand and farmers markets.  If you’d like to be added to the waiting list for next year’s CSA or receive more information about our other outlets, please email us at: csa@sidebysidefarm.com.

spring bloom

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New CSA Pickup Site at Baltimore Yoga Village

Happy New Year, everyone!  We’re excited to announce that we are adding a new, convenient CSA pickup site in Baltimore this year.  We are partnering with Baltimore Yoga Village–CSA members will be able to pick up their shares at their beautiful Mt. Washington studio on Fridays from 5-7 PM.  The studio is conveniently located at: 6080 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21209.

BYV logo

To sign up for either the on-farm or Baltimore pickup site, just go to our easy online signup HERE.  If you have any questions, just email us at: csa@sidebysidefarm.com.  And check out the great class offerings at Baltimore Yoga Village by going to their website HERE!

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2013 CSA Signup is OPEN and We Have a New Farm Manager!

Season’s Greetings from Side by Side Farm!

Even though it’s the middle of winter, there’s lots of excitement and hustle and bustle here at the farm.  First, we’re happy to announce that signup for our 2013 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is NOW OPEN!  To read more about our CSA, please visit our website by clicking HERE.

We’ve set up an easy and secure online CSA signup, which you can go to directly by clicking HERE.

In other big news, we have a new Farm Manager, Sarah Sohn.  Sarah will be posting soon with more info about her farming background and dreams for the future of Side by Side Farm.  Here she is, showing off this season’s latest seed catalogs.

shs pic

Our beloved Farmer Devin will still be here until the end of the year, before moving on to managing another farm (happily not too far away, near Philadelphia).  Devin has been working closely with Sarah for the last few months, so the transition will be pretty seamless.   If you want to send Devin your well-wishes, please email him at: devin@sidebysidefarm.com.

devin pic

Phew, that’s a lot of farm news for the off-season!  As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please email us at: csa@sidebysidefarm.com.

Happy Holidays!

The Side by Side Farm Team

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Sept 19th

Ok. Ok. Ok. We have made it to the fall. Fall is a very nice time of year. The cool mornings and the sun does not have the bite that it does in July. It has been a nice fall thus far and the crops have been great.  The chickens are doing nice, as the baby chickens that hatched out this year are now part of the big flock. The young chickens are much better foragers then the spoiled fat laying hens who cry at me all morning as they beg for their layer ration. Alas, their lamentations are ignored as the abundance of their pasture sits below them  waiting to be exploited. After about 15 mins, they figure out that they arent getting anything, and they get to work, following the example of the teen-age foragers.

What else needs to be said? What a season it has been so far. The weather has been great, a great season for growing veggies for sure.

Check out our updated gallery for 2012 during the season.

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August 13th

CSA Week 11, half-way through the season.  We still have lots of tomatoes this week which is really nice.  They are doing nice this year, the blight is starting to settle in on the first planting of tomatoes, but they have a few more weeks on of life left.

  The mornings are cool and long and the evenings are also getting cool. The broccoli and cauliflower is looking good. I am happy about it.  We are starting to see a pretty good population of rodents building up. So we are taking the time to mow and make sure there isnt much habitat for them. They will really go to town on the sweet potatoes. Ruby is also doing a good job of this. Also seeing the deer pressure increase.

The picture here is of fall brassicas and lettuce. Pretty much every time I plant broccoli I plant lettuce beside it, it seems to work great and really make use of the space.

Have been planting the first few crops for the winter CSA, this includes dikon and Chinese cabbage. These two go great together in many dishes, and they do well beside each other in the fields. Also have been using shade cloth in many different ways. I am really liking how it helps me to germinate crops in the middle of the summer, well not the middle but a little after the middle. The shade cloth makes the soil a bit cooler and just keeps the ground from drying out. Here are two shade structures that I have built this year.







Have been planting lots this week and last week. Getting things transplanted and such. I use this hoe. I like this hoe a lot. It works great. I do the furrow method.

Anywho, farming right along, having a good year thus far, somethings could have done better but, that is typical when planting things in soil that was a hay field the previous year.

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July 2nd


The crops have stood up to the heat pretty well.


Zucchini is doing fine, the main planting is looking good, about 3 weeks out from the main zucchini harvesting. We have some trickling in from an early planting. Cucumbers are on, and they are looking nice. They will be here for another 2 weeks or so, then they will return again mid august. Green beans are looking pretty healthy. Beans are setting up runners, looking healthy, we will see how they do! Tomatoes and peppers are also looking very healthy. The out door tomatoes are about 2  nice weeks away and pepper are about a month, both crops are looking very healthy and should be productive.

Bees are busy flying around, they have been working the buckwheat that we planted.

Melons are starting to flower, cantaloupes that is. We have two plantings of lopes, one that will be ready end of july, another for September. Watermelons are looking to be starting mid august. Sweet tater are looking good too!

Looks like we might cool down by next week so we can start to get fall crops in, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, beets more parsnips. The farm is looking good, but it is hot. The first two plantings of broccoli and cauliflower are just gaining their first true leaf.

This is a spotted salamander, found under a tarp.

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queen bee

jean some how caught this on video. pretty neat. its a queen bee hatching, notice how long the back part of the bees body is, the worker bees are much smaller. she is very large.

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Two days left in May, today and tommorow, already; its moving by pretty fast. We have had a nice month of may. It has been very hot at times, but we keep getting these rains, rains that are helping early beets and carrots size up, rains that keep the potatoes soil cool and peas and lettuces from wilting away.

Most of the summer crops are almost in, winter squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers. Just have to put in melons in.

Farmers markets have started too. They have been successful for us, and fun. It is really great to see the farmers markets flourishing or beginning to flourish after three seasons of being slow.

The CSA starts next week, and we are looking forward to a great share.


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