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" From Fengxia after that thing, go see grandma thing generally with me, a lot of courageous occasionally see strange 'people', not to the numbness that sake, but in general can afford, this fall is the grandmother out of the exercise. Then, kang Fengxia actually sat upright, then opened his eyes, stare seemed as big bells, looked at first glance grandmother some fear and some boldly shouted, "Old Woman horse! Do not nosy! this is my family !! " 'Fengxia' said, pointing to himself, "I was alive when she told me unfilial! I died she took me something, I make her comfortable yet!" Lengheng grandmother cry. But he is lazy, his parents as a child listening to adults say the old toward him, so consequently would not let him do, and so his parents gone, he was the virtue, on the edge of the Big Brother house for two days, rub the brother home for two days, four several of ten did not get married, sly and consequently dry, children and senior citizens in the village children to be no one to see him. Mom has a sister, I should be called aunt, that time is Little Red Guards, when the grandmother was taken away criticism of her grandmother put these two things stolen throw, and said to overthrow the grandmother, the results will scary thing came out, rumors that grandma body Xianer anger, then grind aunt, aunt, first had a serious illness, then good on madness, and then people got lost, so far have not come back." Grandmother's voice faded, and I saw a yellow sub steaming Teng on the roof of our house, the body of a stand, stood up straight, I was shocked, feeling suddenly like a child that yellow was like villain children stand up and do not know what he meant. Penguins autographed jerseys

Grandma stopped and looked back at her, "You want to say anything." Grandma waved his hand, "I came all thought, Jiao Long is big, I am free, her heart go, forget it, go and see it Huijuan, in which she was a house. Give me grandma shorts when I was told a lot, mainly to tell me not to be afraid, more afraid the more they will be furious, and I feel for complete pants finally a good point, looking at her: "basking you are using shoes to play Fengxia go ah." Mind smiled "Do not worry aunt, I told he was serious, ready to get married yet, especially my mother's satisfaction, this time, I am ready to lead him to go home to my mom had birthday. Penguins authentic jerseys

" "Grandma, when I . Penguins alternate jerseys "No, not at this slippery slope. Penguins away jerseys "Playing on !!" grandfather chimed in at the side, or stand in front of three lame "You hear what you say is nonsense, people are dead, you do not plot points discreet, you owe is education! Hurry, I apologize to the granddaughter, white people can you kick ah! "I stood behind her grandmother grandfather, this time looking at the three lame suddenly Oh smile, that smile just like the day I take a bath when Fengxia face much the same as, tightlipped, overcast Cici. " "Who knows touched her feet, she bellowed in pain, ah, do not let her move, we will not move, until today, when the wound where it spread to the knees, ah, my mother hurt I cried straight home that hole put a knife to her legs stamped ah! " Tracy entered the house yard, I heard her mother's screams, the sound shockingly big, I do not know yet that her mother in the house suffered torture chamber yet.

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