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Grandma continued open road "Well, I say you do not be afraid, you might be the father returned, he rare children, want to come back to see his grandson, the math he's gone there for five years now, that his son married , but also his grandson below certainly know, the next child crying when you called, the child's name, your family name of her children what ah." Because I did not think children will be sudden, such a big thing, watching grandmother "Grandma, three lame it will not come again. I ." Just then, the grandmother came, I woke up to see a clear expression relax a bit, then sat beside Xu dollars, holding her hand, "Well, all right, Ma grandmother told you not finished, all in the past ah, you do not be afraid. Pelicans swingman jerseys " Then, looking at me with a smile to continue "after the sister do not tell you these, ah, you are hungry, we will go to the hotel to take a break to eat delicious ah. "When boys and girls are not your own choice, there is a girl in your life you know.

" While grandma let me say relieved, but I always felt her face some wrong, it seems to have a feeling some of what will happen. Pelicans team jerseys " Discovered, her eyes red like crying "big Ah, how do you I cried ah. I followed her grandmother Thereafter, they entered the house the house, I saw Fengxia lying on the kang, his hands tightly grabbed his neck, eyes closed, tongue elongation of the face has become a liver-colored rose. Grandmother did not speak directly to let me kneel in front to protect the family cents qualifying, then also looking for a red string, tied to the ginseng body, after incense, squints his mouth has been talking for a long while, he opened his eyes and looked at me a "Jiao Long, kowtow. Pelicans practice jerseys " I did not hear back, then went to the house to protect the family cents that, I looked at the sign, as well as ginseng brand before incense burn, and I lit out of three straight, while tears while plugged in, "Son my grandfather was basking with three lame to play, they can not drop what the root cause of it.

" "OMG, I can take a look at this very old wooden club ah, I have only seen in a child, it is also slightly smaller than this does, this is a fine of it. " Grandma looked at her, slightly raised his chin, "to earn money is not good, but the second child the couple is their own choice to be born, no one forced them, since afford to pay a fine, it shows that the economy has the ability to you do your own home, I do not blend, they do not talk over me, and Jiao Long, we entered the room." "What bad people ah. Pelicans youth jerseys But he confused my children did not cry, I looked at him lying on the ground can not help but went closer look "Three lame, children do, my children too!" Three Crips are they attend to me, from his pocket a red line, then to the Department on a grass, there are even flowers red flowers, like most children of the sky pigtail, I often play in the mountains, Usually the mountain flowers are aware of what the cat Guduo flower ah, ah what can be eaten every day (day eggplant), and so many are aware, three lame lines that I've never even seen.

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