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" Grandma asked direct export. We both sit my child on the doorstep of the pier, I looked at her, "because Grandma said Metropolitan doctor will tell me when the boy or girl, would you tell me why was not the same in the end." Mind aunt walked beside Zhuo Wei, the hand touched him." I looked at her "big Ah, I will not go to my mother that she did not like me, why I go there. "Playing on !!" grandfather chimed in at the side, or stand in front of three lame "You hear what you say is nonsense, people are dead, you do not plot points discreet, you owe is education! Hurry, I apologize to the granddaughter, white people can you kick ah! "I stood behind her grandmother grandfather, this time looking at the three lame suddenly Oh smile, that smile just like the day I take a bath when Fengxia face much the same as, tightlipped, overcast Cici. "Oh, all right, she may just want to Tigers, and see if she left. Pelicans jerseys swingman " "What is the city of the country, are the same people, in fact, you see them wearing Shuiguang slippery, not necessarily the day we had comfortable, stop, my car parked at the side of it, I will send you to the hotel rest, then take you to eat delicious ah. Pelicans jerseys with finals logo

" Grandma then look to Grandma, "in-laws, you go first. "Basking, did not go there to see it. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out. Pelicans jerseys uk Go see a grandmother, or grandfather looked at me a look of curiosity can not help but look took my hand and said, "Jiao Long, ah, this thing you see less and less to listen to, ah, your mother or else you exceedingly angry, your mother does not like these things." Grandmother apparently misunderstood what I meant, but I can not tell how I get down, he opened his mouth, "Grandma, I wanted to go back. not live down .

Looking at those snakes suddenly disappeared, followed by dozens of yellow sub has poured into the yard, they began tearing around three lame again. Who knows Fengxia actually all of a sudden his head back, looking behind Xu dollars and I grinned, waved at us also "Come take a bath ah!" I looked at her not laughing feel so uncomfortable because she was playing with his face still swollen, and suddenly so innocent smile really make people feel weird." I looked at her, opened his mouth, but do not know what to say, since Fengxia grandmother was promised dollars to wear a back, people are less normal, starting with a serious illness, and later a good disease just before a bit different. Pelicans jerseys wholesale " "Well, what if?" I do not know which room the grandmother suddenly have to say something. "Mom! Your grandson you do not read ah." I will not talk too much, focusing instead on eating a bowl of noodles, I can tell people that I am a girl, you can let people think I am a girl, but the body is not a defect cover, though my grandmother had been as a child, but I suddenly started to think like adults life at that moment.

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