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" I took a step back, "Why ah!" Then, I went to close the door press the button "I sister said I could play this elevator!" "Well, you told me in high spirits brats is not it!" He looked at me, pulling my leg will come out. panthers pink jerseys " I cried Enleyisheng "He kicked my foot." "What do you call ah. Follow grandma to go back when I looked back across the river, the mountains are a verdant green, suddenly, I actually saw a hint of red, clearly far away, but I see very clearly, it is that the child, he was waving at me." "Xie what, someone did not ask you to go and had the Manga, that you do not know Zehui Men with three lame something to do, ah, no matter how sly he had, he did not dare to steal your house ah, this he is back to eat the wrong medicine." "You, ah, so high you how older than I, ah, like a boy. " "What do you mean, ah, Ma aunt you scare me?" Three Crips pointed to himself, "I have not really afraid of anything, do not say that Fengxia drowned in the river DEATH specifically looking men do, I went to the river several times, did not see her ah Kazakhstan, but then again, I really feel very sorry for it, if I can see her, she is a ghost pipe, and comes in really want to try that fat bitch child's taste it! " 'Snapped'! ! ! "You hit me?!" Watching three crippled grandmother looked at his face can not believe I lived ignorant, I did not expect grandma actually beat him, so many years, I first saw the grandmother beat besides me people, but also a slap in the face fan.

" Grandma immediately Hand Waving "can not be, can not have this child household, which had the right, if spread to friends and relatives have to see how I want to where to put this old head!" After her mother had been pushed out crying, because of the family planning policy, to a second child is still relatively trouble, so my family letting both indicators stood headache product for a time became a hot potato. panthers pink jerseys 2016 " Grandma shook his head." "Johnson is a dragon? You mean, she . "Jiao Long . That side of the corridor is a medical elevator, no patients, no one would have cosmetic surgery on, compared with the entire hospital, this layer many quiet, then I do not think I have anything strange, and now think, may be the time the whole reason for fewer people." Then obviously it is summer, hot, but then I came to the river, but inexplicably feel chills, goose bumps.

" I looked at some lame grandmother pointed to three anxious mouth, grandmother looked at me and nodded, "all right, grandma is to let you see ." Xu dollars to see me do not speak, opened his mouth to uphold the open road." He shook his head, "you really want to ask you is someone's child, so rude. Panthers personalized jerseys " I nodded, "basking in that for those children with you. I nodded, "Well, my grandma said that we will soon be grown up after school. panthers pet jerseys " I have some in a daze, looking grandmother "basking, what evil bone ah. Three Crips watched angrily lying on the floor of my "no big or small, you're a wild child you do not know, either to see basking on your face I can take your life, mother, dare he wasted a fortune! "Then he walked down the hill stride.

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