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" Or phrase, sure enough, the doctor looked at the face of grandmother ignorant "Aunt ah, you say how you know on the line, how do you know that Aunt legs starting to spray the wine, ah, a spray will be better. Panthers camo jerseys " Carter, and I heard behind me a burst of screams, "OMG !! This is something !!" "Kill it! All this stuff scourge!" Just back, they saw a large rat darted out of the crowd, some villagers scared instinctively holding a shovel play that mice did not run far, and it would be shot dead. Grandma thought for a moment in the house open, "You did not call the children called off." Then, looking at me with a smile to continue "after the sister do not tell you these, ah, you are hungry, we will go to the hotel to take a break to eat delicious ah." Turned again, the child had disappeared.

"Bah!" After three lame huh twice directly toward the foot of my grandma spat, then wiped his mouth son, raised his finger with the tip of her grandmother, "the old things, give you face, is not it, not that you fuck God do a big jump, keep the girl does not know where he comes from a wild species, what are you my hard gas, give you three numbers, immediately put the clappers me out, or else, I want you both try any Believe it or not !! " "Three lame, so whom you speak it!" My grandfather saw three so lame, instantly angry, and would beat him up, but did not wait for three lame grandfather forward children do, direct blow hit the side door on grandpa a. panthers elite jerseys Children looked at me and smiled and said, Hey, no shadow of a ghost, but I have ah, heel ghost not touch the ground, but I can, ah, not ghosts in broad daylight for a long time in the sun shining, I can ah, sister you still think I'm a ghost do." I pointed to the direction of a child, "I was told . Tracy inside her husband's father left a skeleton, what clothes are bad light, but askew skeleton legs should be the big mouse to knock, knock to give a bare legs, then Tracy's husband can not stand directly knelt down, crying with his mouth "Dad, ah, ah filial son, let you go so long was also the scourge ah!" I looked at the skeleton do not think how scary, but when you think of Tracy and her mother's legs a bit uncomfortable, then the grandmother told me that people will continue to feel pain, but because they can not go directly to the that only indirectly find their loved ones home to convey the pain, so to accomplish their own purposes.

" Dad some fat ignorant, watching Zhuoshu Shu "home no red chopsticks ah. Three Crips eyes or muddle, we looked around the yard, in front of my grandmother, a bent knees, knees straight, 'Bang Bang Bang' knock three ring head, then stood up, like is a lost soul in general, rickety went out." He looked still smiled and nodded, "Well, sister, I know you're going to the provincial capital. Panthers custom jerseys " Grandmother nodded, smiled and looked at the soul sister, "Thank you mind, would you, ah. "All right! I can not tell you useless, I mainly want to bring to the big city to see a doctor Jiao Long, how, do not let you see a doctor ah.

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