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" Then, soul sister waved at me, "Jojo ah, you come, sister to introduce you, this is your nephew Zhuoshu Shu, Zhuo King, you called the big brother." Three lame brother said, reaching pulled his young married woman to go out 'Go home! Not you will want to make you come back! you do not know that the youngest sawed ah! this thing is not to let you know! " I saw them go up, rolled over and looked out the window directly, go sister's heart three lame reluctantly, took her by the man, his mouth straight saying "that was no longer the youngest nor is it a disadvantage for people! he can no reason to go home ah Aunt Ma, I want to know what their house to get our youngest friends! " "You shut up you, so what ah youngest, youngest people could get what !!!" "Jiao Long, you see Shane. "Three lame! Household Jiao Long stomach Editor's Note children !!" Just went to the yard, I saw my grandfather ran three lame later, his face angry look, "you have no point of failure! You have to play even a child !!" Three Crips holding his head and looked at grandpa also face no fork, "I hit her? You ask her my first Editor's Note children! Bleed it now! Tell your family, ah, let's go back and count this account, quickly, and put my clappers me out !! " Then, three lame one saw me, pointing to my hand, "little girl would! You do not think you basking in with your grandfather that you are all right, Salem put a wooden club to hear me out no !!" "He's not yours!" My grandmother pulled the hand feeling he could get, watching the three lame response to the loud. patriots nfl jerseys clearance Grandma looked at me, "Oh, this is not the reincarnation of their own to choose, you Ah good big point of it, the child lives bitter ah." They then let me hear, I looked at the grandmother, now she looked at three lame'd look of surprise. " "You're not chopsticks!" Grandma said with a straight face, took a few strides and looked Zhuoshu Shu "starting red chopsticks, only a disservice with this!" Zhuoshu Shu looked at the hands of chopsticks, then nodded, "right right right, I forgot, I saw red.

"grandma nodded. " I was listening to it attentively, shoved behind came a sound mind. patriots nike football jerseys " Dad nodded, "come, that house in Huijuan it." I pointed to the direction of a child, "I was told . patriots nike game jerseys " Then look to daddy "Give me a pair of red chopsticks, hurry up, I want to red chopsticks.

" I think, though afraid, but I'm really curious but sometimes, it is just like a river, all of a sudden violent storm arose, but suddenly the sound, how wonderful." Grandma did not answer, watching them rushed into the house, pulled my hand heels and walked towards the door, "Let's hurry home, he has nothing to do with we. patriots nfl nike jerseys And these neighbors are not just so flattered her, one after another leave the rhetoric he found what the chickens of the pigs, not for a minute or two, all gone. Grandma looked back at him, "Do not worry, while he would have come!" In fact, I learned later, in fact, ginseng is a wooden club, which is become the essence of ginseng general adult knows that if you see a mountain in a child dressed in red, just shouted 'clappers'! ! That would be fine ginseng horde, and then a prototype, this time just to give him a red line on the line, then he would not run, dig, you can sell a big price, as to exactly how high the price, it is not dare people imagined.

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