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" Then, soul sister waved at me, "Jojo ah, you come, sister to introduce you, this is your nephew Zhuoshu Shu, Zhuo King, you called the big brother. panthers jerseys for dogs Who is this what. " "The children of this hormone in the end will affect what's, ah, not that, not that the extra guy something to cut it, how so much money, we sell a house on land sales is not enough ah." Grandma nodded, "Yes, grandma out incense inconvenient, so please give them a drink later, you harm not afraid ah. Panthers jerseys for men Then again drinking grandmother, she said that day seven or eight bottles of drink, after drinking that other people did not dare cents down, also dedicated to the fairy grandmother finally qualifying to get, and now think should be our house cents in people with the fairy in provocation, but the fairy still no movement. The body will not this time their eyes grandmother said the most 'net', the so-called 'net' that is pure, clean, and they have not been contaminated by the secular, so they will see, is the most easily scared, scared after well, fever and the like, with a grandma's words if you do not quickly find a sensible look at the imaginary disease easily turn into a real sick, real sick have to go to the hospital what the injections. panthers jerseys for kids "The children in addition to sleeping there anything else wrong with it, wake up crying cry?" Grandma can not help but listen to the words of mouth Tracy asked. panthers jerseys for sale

leg, how could this ." "I want to." Grandma's face is also somewhat cramped, I do not know how, and she saw her mother seemed to be somewhat cautious, bent down to pick up the egg-box "Huijuan I do not know that you are pregnant, but thanks to take eggs from home, so you gave birth to your mother let you cook and eat, are their own domesticated, these days." "Grandma and grandpa to eat not spoil you!" I'm a little anxious. Grandma looked at me and smiled, "because it is the grandmother who Xianer talking, not talking grandmother ah. Dad looked at me next, "Jojo, raw gas which your mother?" "My name Jiao Long, Long Jiao Ma!" I looked at him loudly talking.

" Said, reaching force said something directly Yexia my shorts, I'm scared, "ah!" The cry of instinctive feel too embarrassed, pulled his vest Qudang own following, but Phoenix Xia eyes were straight, her eyes staring straight to my private parts, opened my mouth, "you are what look below." "Aunt how you ah. Before Wicket soul sister at me while Hand Waving aside and said, "Jojo, county we see ah." Tracy man nodded quickly, gave her grandmother a cigarette and lit it, one side of the village doctors could not resist the opening of "This is what ah, this is more serious, you are engaged in feudal superstitious? Quickly hospital ah !! " "Shut up!" Grandma shoved at him Heleyisheng, Xu grandmother was scared the way to rural doctors actually suddenly silent sound." Which I also play in the mood ah, hastened toward the front yard of their home and walked fast to the door when I glanced back, then the leg is almost soft, her grandmother actually standing behind the windows of their home estates, I looked at the blanket with dry mouth laughing.

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