2014 CSA is open

Yet more snow! Yikes! We have had only one brief window without snow cover in the past two months, a single afternoon. During that brief sighting I could see our fall cover crops showing a vibrant green. We just have to trust that under all this snow the crops are growing. The garlic should be rooting out to explode with top growth when the snow allows some sunshine in. Till then, it’s a mystery what’s happening under the snow. Is the soil microbial life able to expand its volume? Is the snow providing some insulation for that to occur? Are the field rodents having their way with crop roots while they can run freely without being seen by hawks, owls or foxes? When will we be able to get our hands and tools into the soil? When will the soil be exposed AND dry enough to work?

Come on spring, enough winter already !

With all of these challenges we are still growing and getting ready for spring. We have many trays of small plants are growing  awaiting the days when they can be planted either in a hoop house or in the field for our 2014 summer season.



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