Sept 19th

Ok. Ok. Ok. We have made it to the fall. Fall is a very nice time of year. The cool mornings and the sun does not have the bite that it does in July. It has been a nice fall thus far and the crops have been great.  The chickens are doing nice, as the baby chickens that hatched out this year are now part of the big flock. The young chickens are much better foragers then the spoiled fat laying hens who cry at me all morning as they beg for their layer ration. Alas, their lamentations are ignored as the abundance of their pasture sits below them  waiting to be exploited. After about 15 mins, they figure out that they arent getting anything, and they get to work, following the example of the teen-age foragers.

What else needs to be said? What a season it has been so far. The weather has been great, a great season for growing veggies for sure.

Check out our updated gallery for 2012 during the season.

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