August 13th

CSA Week 11, half-way through the season.  We still have lots of tomatoes this week which is really nice.  They are doing nice this year, the blight is starting to settle in on the first planting of tomatoes, but they have a few more weeks on of life left.

  The mornings are cool and long and the evenings are also getting cool. The broccoli and cauliflower is looking good. I am happy about it.  We are starting to see a pretty good population of rodents building up. So we are taking the time to mow and make sure there isnt much habitat for them. They will really go to town on the sweet potatoes. Ruby is also doing a good job of this. Also seeing the deer pressure increase.

The picture here is of fall brassicas and lettuce. Pretty much every time I plant broccoli I plant lettuce beside it, it seems to work great and really make use of the space.

Have been planting the first few crops for the winter CSA, this includes dikon and Chinese cabbage. These two go great together in many dishes, and they do well beside each other in the fields. Also have been using shade cloth in many different ways. I am really liking how it helps me to germinate crops in the middle of the summer, well not the middle but a little after the middle. The shade cloth makes the soil a bit cooler and just keeps the ground from drying out. Here are two shade structures that I have built this year.







Have been planting lots this week and last week. Getting things transplanted and such. I use this hoe. I like this hoe a lot. It works great. I do the furrow method.

Anywho, farming right along, having a good year thus far, somethings could have done better but, that is typical when planting things in soil that was a hay field the previous year.

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