July 2nd


The crops have stood up to the heat pretty well.


Zucchini is doing fine, the main planting is looking good, about 3 weeks out from the main zucchini harvesting. We have some trickling in from an early planting. Cucumbers are on, and they are looking nice. They will be here for another 2 weeks or so, then they will return again mid august. Green beans are looking pretty healthy. Beans are setting up runners, looking healthy, we will see how they do! Tomatoes and peppers are also looking very healthy. The out door tomatoes are about 2  nice weeks away and pepper are about a month, both crops are looking very healthy and should be productive.

Bees are busy flying around, they have been working the buckwheat that we planted.

Melons are starting to flower, cantaloupes that is. We have two plantings of lopes, one that will be ready end of july, another for September. Watermelons are looking to be starting mid august. Sweet tater are looking good too!

Looks like we might cool down by next week so we can start to get fall crops in, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, carrots, beets more parsnips. The farm is looking good, but it is hot. The first two plantings of broccoli and cauliflower are just gaining their first true leaf.

This is a spotted salamander, found under a tarp.

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