4/11 Springtime, funtime, rain?

Spring is here, and we are farming away. The new hoophouse is doing really well. There are actually mini tomatoes on the plants already. We are set to have very early tomatoes, unless they somehow die from a frost, which is possible. The weather has been a bit strange, yes its nice and warm, but it isn’t raining. Usually I don’t have to water in march and april, but the only way I am getting crops to germinate in the fields is from irrigation. I have been spending lots of time water crops outside. Carrots, beets, peas, spinach is all up outside and off to a good start. Broccoli and lettuce is also in the ground outside. Shallots, onions and celery are also transplanted. The garlic is looking very good as well. I am very pleased with the garlic. Our soil is looking good too.

Jean has been spending time potting up peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. We have some really beautiful plants this year that will be for sale at the farmers markets as well as their fruits being in your CSA boxes! I am personally really looking forward to the peppers.

The ginger arrived last week and it is now in the basement being sprouted. This adds a nice month of growing to the ginger, which gives us more of a yield. Also lot of wine cap mushrooms arrived last week, I am looking forward to harvesting them in the fall and putting them in the CSA shares.

We are very busy around the farm right now, it is that time of year when the more you can do the more we will harvest in September! So send us your positive thoughts of having limitless energy.

The CSA is about half full. Which is good, we are relying more on word of mouth referrals more this year, so spread the good word! If you havn’t signed up yet, do it! Remeber returning member discount and walk or bike to the farm discount.

The farm is looking good and we are feeling pretty good too. I am a bit sore today though, that should work its self out.   We hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the season. We are doing well so far!

Here is a video tour of the greenhouse as it looks on 4/10. I was crunching on a carrot and eating the greens, that is what the chewing sound is……

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