Feb 12th

Here we are at well, looks like middle of Feb. We have been a bit busy, but have had a nice break. This will be the third season of the CSA for us, and we are really looking forward to a good season. Having two seasons under our belts will be very beneficial. We have some what of an idea what to expect. I think what will be most benifical about this season is knowing what varieties to plant, and knowing about when to plant everything, weather permitting.Hey the witchhazel is blooming!

The new greenhouse that we built has been very nice. We sort of stoped growing to much in mid jan, getting the soil in good shape for the upcoming season is one of our top priorities, because well the soil in there is a bit challenging. We tested the ph the other day and it was about 5.8. That is pretty low.

Anyway, one project from the winter was to construct a hot bed. This is basically a cinder block rectangle that hold fresh horse manure. The manure heats up to break it self down and we harness the heat to help seedlings stay warm and to just warm the hoop house a bit more. Jamie from hollow elm gardens helped this turn out very nice.

We also got a bunch of seedlings going, brassicas and greens mostly. Onions are also started. Oh and eggplants, and the tomatoes that will be in the greenhouse.


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