Dec 12th

It is Dec 12th. We are working on the seed order for next years main season CSA. We are looking at how the season went and what to do differently next year. We are planning where the crops will go, when the will be planted, how many will we plant. We are planning the logistics of next years season, its going to be a good year. I can tell.

We have a lot more ground plowed up. We have doubled the growing area for next year. Which is great. we are getting to the place where we have enough ground opened up to have a nice long term crop rotation. Next year is the first year that I feel like I really know what varieties to plant (not that you don’t learn new varieties each year, but I know the varieties that will work well for us).


We got this 1100 gallon water tank from a guy in dover PA. It was pretty much fun to strap this thing on the truck and drive it 50 mins to the farm. Jean and I were a bit nervous driving with this thing on the back, but we did it.

One spot of ground I shallow roto-tilled covered with manure and mulched it with straw. Now our fine feathered friends (the chickens) are working in the mulch and the manure and have a blast of a time. I been collecting manure form the neighbors horses, one shovel full at a time, so far I think i have gotten 9 truck loads. But our soil needs it, especially in the new growing areas. I know this will pay off for next year.

Running this winter CSA right now. It is really nice. It is my favorite time of the year for sure. Slow pace, but still abundant. It is really impressive how well things can grow during this time of year, even just outside with a row cover.

I am still planting away. Just planted several hundred lettuces, endives, radicchio. This stuff should be ready in the early spring, it will over winter. So the farm is going well and we are looking forward to next year.

Here is a fun video of the chickens working up some ground.

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